Backwater: Darren Banks

  • Date:
    13 May–25 June 2011

May finds Northamptonshire awash with celebrations of our historical waterways. Arts festival FLOW explores the journey of water through the county, coinciding beautifully with this summer’s opening of the marina at Beckett’s Park . The marina recasts the visual character of the town, and centres attention on our relationship with the Nene, which is celebrating its 250th year as a navigable river, shaping the growth of Northampton and the villages it snakes through.

For the first event of FLOW, sculptor Darren Banks has constructed a breakwater from furniture, familial treasures and museum-loaned artifacts. The dialogue between the objects, their surroundings and their off-kilter placement is a recurring fascination for Banks whose love of nostalgia and horror movies has led him to build even higher, more ambitious and more precarious structures from the mundane detritus of suburbia. Accompanying the main sculpture is a video montage, film screening and two specially commissioned text pieces to accompany Backwater.

  • Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty), on Darren Banks and Backwater by Alex Heatherington
  • How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare by Caryn Coleman

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Crit Group

When: 14 May, 25 June, 2pm
Where: The Fishmarket Gallery
Join the Crit Group for artists at all stages of their career to talk about each others’ work. Run by Jason Oliver & Peter Slack.

Show & Tell

When: 11, 18, 25 June, 2pm
Where: The Fishmarket Garden (or Gallery in case of rain)
Artists, writers, performers, gardeners, shoemakers, musicians, comedians, teachers and more bring their chosen object to the Fishmarket Garden to tell you why they are important. The reasons might be historic, personal, imaginary, magical, political, each object having a very different story. There will also be an open object spot, so bring your object to show and tell too.

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