Heike Gallmeier

  • Date:
    22 August–4 October 2015


Opening night 21 August 2015, 6pm

This summer NN Contemporary Art will be hosting an exhibition of new work by Berlin- based artist Heike Gallmeier entitled Vertigo. Gallmeier takes us through her journey from Berlin to Northampton with an assortment of collected materials used to create various installations en route.

Using a transport van as a small mobile studio, Heike Gallmeier travelled, worked and lived in the van for ten days, avoiding main roads and collecting discarded objects and materials on the way. Alongside the mobile studio cube and an installation of the collected objects, the artist shows complex staged photographs. Heike Gallmeier creates sculptural constellations based on art-historical imagery. Her works reconstruct pictoral spaces from old paintings into spatial and abstract compositional structures. Gallmeier’s pictorial exploration leads her from the two- dimensional painting, to the three-dimensional sculptural installation and from there back to the two-dimensional picture for her works that take photographic form as their final appearance; the picture-based sculpture repeats a painting and the photographed sculpture repeats the repetition.

Gallmeier’s three dimensional works are comprised of found objects and architectural elements. Each element is devoid of autonomy, validated through the systematic, pictorial arrangement and from the relationship with the other elements in space. Gallmeier’s installations are like optical devices, or spatial viewing diagrams. The predetermination of the found material corresponds to the predetermination of the art-historical imagery. The found elements are parallel to the found art-historical images whose pictorial spaces they reconstruct. Gallmeier’s oscillation between two and three dimensions blurs the difference between actual space and illusional space, between pictorial representation and sculptural representation and between the architectural and the speculative.

This project is part of NN’s Ways to think about diaspora season and inspired by the German population of Northampton. Vertigo follows Poland International and Yael Bartana’s And Europe Will be Stunned. Vertigo runs concurrently with the offsite project Filaments from the Dandelion Clock.

About the artist:

Born in Berlin in 1972, Heike Gallmeier studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Mainz and finished her studies in the master class of the sculpture department at the Art Academy Berlin-Weissensee. She has exhibited internationally and received awards and stipends of Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn, Senate of Berlin, Goethe Institut and Deutsches Studienzentrum in Venice.

Image: Heike Gallmeier, Vertigo 2, C-print, 145 cm x 180 cm, 2015


Drop In Creative Workshop – Recycled Den Building Workshop
22 August 2015, 12–2pm
Join Tamsyn Payne & Catherine Hemelryk in NN‘s Courtyard to build dens and shelters using recycled materials found in and around Northamptonshire.

From Art To Commerce
5 September 2015, 11am–1pm / 3 October 2015, 11am–1pm
From Art To Commerce is a regular workshop at NN for artists and makers at all stages of their career. Run by NN’s Development Director Tracey Clarke, each session helps people develop their creative ideas into viable business through business modelling, marketing and finance. For further information contact Tracey at [email protected]

The Social
2 October 2015, 8pm
A social night to bring together anyone and everyone working in the creative sector across Northamptonshire.

Fun Palaces
3 October 2015

Everyone’s an artist, everyone’s a scientist

Join Royal & Derngate and NN Contemporary Art from 9am to 7pm on  Sat 3 October to celebrate Fun Palaces with five FREE, fun, mini immersive experiences and workshops that will excite your five senses.

9–11am, Mission to Mars, Royal & Derngate Underground 1 & 2
11am–1pm, SEE with Louise Clarke, NN Contemporary Art, Upstairs
1.15–2.45pm Are you a Super Hero?, Royal & Derngate Crown Room
3–5pm, SMELL with Jan Uprichard, NN Contemporary Art, Upstairs
5.15–7pm, Listen and Learn, Royal & Derngate Underground 1 & 2

Or join us for drop in activities between 11am and 6pm in both venues, inspired by the five senses.

Write Club
17 October 2015, 7pm
Write Club is for anyone wanting to brush up on their art writing from artist statements or funding applications to critical texts, get together for peer critique over coffee. Write Club is led by Artistic Director Catherine Hemelryk.

Crit Group
24 October 2015, 7pm
NN Hosts the Crit Group for artists at all stages of their career to come together to discuss their work in progress.

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