Intervention Intervention

  • Date:
    30 September–12 November 2011

Phil Ashcroft, Catherine Bertola, Martyn Cross, CJ Mahony, Steven Messam

This show presents a range of approaches to the subject of intervention by five British artists. Disrupting the usual flow of people, CJ Mahony imitates and uncovers the architecture of the Fishmarket building and its past. She uses materials leftover from previous installations in the gallery to recreate the rafters which are upended and dissected across the gallery space. She also physically tears up sections of the gallery to show the Fishmarket’s original purpose as the roots of marble fish slabs see light for the first time since the gallery was established. In light of recent news this takes on a wry edge as well as celebrating the architecture whilst it still stands inviting visitors to really look at the fabric of the building. Up in the rafters, a golden cobweb quietly glistens by Catherine Bertola. Catching the light at different times of the day, it is sometimes invisible to those who are not looking. Bertola works with the leftovers and detritus of the everyday such as dust; the cobweb is no longer swept away, but gilded becoming a purposeful incarnation of a natural, ephemeral intervention.

Phil Ashcroft has created Thunderhorse, a site-specific wall painting using the length of the gallery as a sloping horizon for his black, white and neon graffiti-inspired graphic work. Gallery 2 is home for Martyn Cross’s knitting pattern paintings and collages. Often kitsch, old illustrated knitting patterns are upon inspection painted and drawn on in playful and macabre ways. The cosy familiarity becomes repelling and back again.

Steven Messam’s Seven Spires were constructed to intervene in the rural landscape, the red spires contrasting starkly as they sat in the river Nene surrounded by green hills and trees. In Fishmarket they are transported to the urban centre of Northampton where they pop up around the building from a turret on the roof to garden sentinels, they explore what can happen when an intervention from one environment is imposed upon another.

The space is open to draw people’s attention to the architecture of Fishmarket and to act as a backdrop for a mini-season of performances and screenings by musicians, artists and filmmakers in October and November.

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When: 5 October 2011, 3-5pm

Where: Fishmarket Gallery

Open to all artists and final year art students, AIRTIME are free, practical and inspiring events providing advice, networking and cameraderie. Over 1000 artists across England and Wales have participated. Come along for information on funding, insurance, professional development as well as networking and collaborations. Places are limited so booking is essential. Please contact [email protected] quoting AIRTIME NORTHAMPTON in the subject. (Fishmarket in collaboration with AN)


Light Night

When: 29 October 2011

Where: Fishmarket Gallery and various locations across Northampton.

Films and light works projected in the gallery space as part of Northampton’s town-wide Light Night. For more information, check the Market Square website.


Interference Interference

When: 4 November 2011, 7pm

Where: Fishmarket Gallery

Experiments in sound and light by Josh Ryan and Joe Brown.


Sound and Vision Intervention

When: 11 November 2011, 7pm

Where: Fishmarket Gallery

Sound, music and visual interventions from MK Gallery’s Scratch Nights. (A Fishmarket and MK Gallery Collaboration)
Crit Group

When: 12 November 2011, 2pm

Where: Fishmarket Gallery

Join the Crit group for artists at all stages of their career, run by Northamptonshire artists Kate Harrison and Peter Slack.

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