Multiverse Redux

  • Date:
    12 March 2015

Louise Clarke, Michelle Deignan, Catherine Hemelryk, Andy Holden

Multiverse Redux is an afternoon of talks, screenings and a workshop, revisiting NN Contemporary Art’s 2014 Northampton Multiverse season.

NN’s Northampton Multiverse was a season of exhibitions and events exploring artists’ worlds, hidden histories, and different ideas of the world we are in. In true spirit of the Multiverse, speakers Andy Holden, Michelle Deignan and Catherine Hemelryk and workshop with Louise Clarke, will be revisiting a parallel Northampton Multiverse in this season finale.

Set in a universe where the very laws of nature are different, artist Andy Holden will give his performance lecture Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape. Developed during his Stanley Picker Fellowship in 2010, Holden put forward an idea that we can use the laws of physics as they appear in cartoons to help us devise a possible way of understanding the landscape, such as:

“1. Any body suspended in space will remain in space until made aware of its situation.”

Holden’s montage of cartoon clips illustrates his theory, becoming a way of thinking about the relationship between consciousness and unconsciousness and how this might relate to the making of art.

Artist and filmmaker Michelle Deignan will be screening her new science fiction infused work filmed at Northampton’s iconic landmark, the National Lift Tower. Deignan will also talk about her practice, in which she creates factual and fictional narratives through video, film, text and photography.

Catherine Hemelryk, Artistic Director at NN Contemporary Art and curator of the 2014 Multiverse Season, will be giving a tour through time and space, and looking back at the season with a parallel take. The Northampton Multiverse season launched in February 2014 with a large-scale, site-specific work by Australian artist Tanya Schultz. In the true spirit of Northampton Multiverse season, the exhibition will be revisited in the imaginary realm, featuring the inverted work by Pop & Pip.

There will also be an interactive element to the afternoon, where you will have the opportunity to reflect on the Multiverse season through a creative workshop led by Louise Clarke.

The event is free however booking is essential. Tickets available here.


Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape, performance lecture, 2014 © Andy Holden.
Still from: A glimpse of common territory, HD video, 8 minutes 36 seconds, 2015 © Michelle Deignan

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