The Fairy Ring

  • Date:
    15 September 2018

Tessa Farmer

Second manifestation 15 September 2018, 11 noon–4pm, Becket’s Park, Northampton, UK | Part of Nene Valley Festival 2018
Check back for dates and locations of future manifestations.

There are evil fairies in Northampton. They ride bumblebees and hunt with spiny spears harvested from hedgehogs. They’ve captured hornets and lounge on tabletop toadstools feasting on worms and other delicacies. They raid birds’ nests, race snails and dance to the beat of buzzing bees and snail shell drums.

Their underground lair, which seemingly spreads as far as the coast, occasionally erupts to reveal glimpses of their nefarious activity. They are plotting, building their army, trying to take over the world and awaiting curious humans to lure into their realm. They do not care for you or any of human kind.

But don’t worry, you are safe. Artist Tessa Farmer has captured the fairies and imprisoned them in a time bubble. For now, you can peer into this diorama of menace whilst their activity is frozen. Keep your eyes peeled for The Fairy Ring as it infests Northampton throughout 2018 like a rash of possessed carbuncles. As you walk woodland paths or pass patches of grass – can you see them? And will they be so brazen as to make appearances across the manmade land? Market Square? Abington Street? And what would happen if they got out?

About the artist:

Tessa Farmer was born in 1978 in Birmingham and  lives and works in London. She is the great granddaughter of the influential writer of supernatural horror Arthur Machen. She studied at The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, The University of Oxford  where she received a BFA and an MFA. Her work has been exhibited worldwide and is in many collections including those of The Saatchi Gallery, London, The David Roberts Collection, London and The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), Tasmania.

In 2007 she was artist in residence at the Natural History Museum in London and was nominated for The Times/ Southbank Show Breakthrough Award. In 2011 she was awarded a Kindle Project ‘Makers Muse’ Award.

Recent exhibitions include a solo exhibition ‘Unwelcome Visitors’ at The Holburne Museum, Bath, ‘The Nature of the Beast’ at New Art Gallery Walsall, ‘Victoriana’ at Guildhall Art Gallery, London and ‘Red Queen’ at MONA, Tasmania.

Tessa is represented by Danielle Arnaud London and Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York.

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Check back for dates and locations of future manifestations throughout 2018

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