The Infinity Show

  • Date:
    19 July–1 September 2013

Taha Belal, Lesley Halliwell, Felippe Moraes, Stefan Saffer, Alexander Small, Sarah Sparkes, Jorinde Voigt, Justin Washtell.

Full of contradiction and paradox, The Infinity Show starts but does not end with 8 artists and every visitor of the exhibition. The exhibition is the beginnings of an idea of art as a momentary resting point for ideas, forms and the potential, yet impossible, iterations of everything.

The show brings together artists from the UK, Brazil, Egypt, Germany and beyond, working in film, drawing, print, sculpture, Spirograph, text and online media. Using self-imposed rules the artists investigate endless possibilities within geometry, philosophy, the cosmos and more. The falsehood of the infinite imbues everything with each decision both opening up and shutting down a thousand potential routes.

Starting with the end, an infinite coffin by Sarah Sparkes greets the visitor. Monoprints by Taha Belal are rendered from mass-produced newspaper photographs; all the more pertinent now as the Cairo-based artist is working in a country rewriting itself through revolution. Felippe Moraes captures the cosmos in his ink drawing, whilst Justin Washtell invites anyone and everyone to contribute to the writing of a story. Time and distance fold and expand in works by Jorinde Voigt and Alexander Small. Jorinde Voigt uses the Fibonacci sequence in her logarithmic drawing series 2 People Kissing, with each page becoming ever more densely covered. Small captures a marching band in an eternal loop, forever turning the corner. Spirals are the base component of Lesley Halliwell’s expansive Spirograph drawings and Oggo a sculpture by Stefan Saffer, extrapolated from a Danish Church painting, will be spiralling out into the world visiting a host of offsite locations.


Opening night & Infinite Print
18 July 2013, 6pm
Join us to celebrate the opening of The Infinity Show and make your own print with artists Pauline Wood & Alexander Small and their press.

Infinite Print workshop with Pauline Wood & Alexander Small
3 August 2013, 2–4pm
Drop in to NN to work with the artists to create your own piece of infinite print. Wear old clothes and be prepared to get inky! All ages and abilities welcome! Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Crit Group
6 August 2013, 7pm
NN hosts the Crit Group for artists at all stages of their career to come together to discuss their work in progress, run by Kate Harrison & Peter Slack.

Drawing performance by Lesley Halliwell
9–10 August 2013
Lesley Halliwell will be drawing live at NN to make a counterpart to her work Fanatic. See first hand the growth of a new work using mathematics, pattern and graft, with the chance to talk to the artist as she works.

Dance: I Infinite, Tom Dale Company
31 August 2013
As part of the closing weekend of The Infinity Show, Tom Dale Company presents an extract from I Infinite, an interactive multi-media dance installation inspired by the digital world’s quest to re-create life. The graphic imagery and dance draw you within centimetres of the performer who moves between robotic isolation and liquid fluidity.

Performances will begin on the hour and at 20 minute intervals with an hour break for lunch at 1pm.

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